With Undetected Record Of 4 Years With Literally 0 Ban, Unlike Other Script In The Market. Get Ahead Of Your Recoil Game Without Practicing Thousands Of Hours In Training Grounds.


AlphaGen offers undetected Rust Recoil Script (( Years ) Years+) which is fully external and does not interact with the game files. It is created in the Windows .Net framework so it is guaranteed to work on any version of windows. Our rust recoil script offers additional features and supports all guns and attachment in game. The script can automatically select which weapon you are currently holding. We also offer Apex recoil script and World of Warcraft Fishing bot.

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Recoil Script

Undetected Recoil Script for 4 Years. Features All guns and attachments with Auto gun detection feature.

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World of Warcraft

Automatic Fishing Bot

The Fishing bot works for both WoW Retail and WoW Classic.

Apex Legends

Recoil Script

A Recoil script for Apex Legends which automatically set the weapon to one you currently equipped

The Finals

Recoil Script

Recoil Script for all Automatic and Semi-auto guns in the game. Detects gun you are holding automatically.

Counter Strike 2

Recoil Script

Coming Soon

Rainbow 6 Siege

Recoil Script

Coming Soon

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What is a Unique application and why is it ssafer?

Unique application present a challenge for EAC detection, avoiding known patterns. Their sophisticated evasion tactics, dynamic behavior, and constant updates keep them one step ahead, exploiting the limits of anti-cheat resources.


How long is the Rust script undetected for?

Our Rust recoil script has been undetected for more than 4 years now.


Are recoil scripts considered cheating?

Yes, the use of recoil scripts is generally considered cheating in most online multiplayer games. By providing an unfair advantage to players, recoil scripts violate the terms of service of many games and are subject to penalties such as bans or suspensions.


What other products do you offer?

We offer various products. You may check what we offer by clicking here."


Will using a Rust Recoil Script improve my gameplay significantly?

While recoil scripts can help mitigate recoil and improve weapon control, the extent of improvement may vary depending on individual skill level and gameplay style.